Alicia and Joe
March 24th, 2012
The Engagement

The Happy Couple Right After Getting Engaged

Joe was the top sales employee in the US enterprise division for Belden in 2009.  To reward their employees, Belden sent the winners and their significant others to Naples, Florida for a 4 day all-expenses paid vacation at the Naples Beach and Golf Resort.

Joe knew this was the perfect opportunity for the proposal.  He had told his family and Alicia’s mom that the proposal would be Saturday evening.  However, with projected thunderstorms in the forecast, Joe made a few phone calls for advice and quickly made the executive decision that he would propose on Friday instead.  Originally, Joe and Alicia were going to be on a catamaran tour in the gulf but high winds canceled this event.  Instead, Joe and Alicia took a walk down the beach to the iconic pier in Naples before their afternoon massage appointments.

After a long walk down the beach, Joe and Alicia walked to the end of the pier.  Joe knelt down pretending to struggle with removing his camera from the case when the ring appeared.  Alicia instantaneously began to cry and a crowd began to form.  Joe proposed and Alicia, of course, said Yes!  Even complete strangers began calling their friends to tell them the good news of a proposal on the pier.  The happy couple then enjoyed lunch on the beach, followed by massages before the awards banquet that night.  All the Belden executives congratulated Joe and Alicia on the exciting news.

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